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Embodying Chinese Medicine Concept and Its Application to Dance/Movement Therapy

Developed and facilitated by Linda Cao-Baker, LCPC, BC-DMT.

This workshop will review the main concepts of Chinese medicine, constitution of 12 Meridians within 5 Elements, and their particular impact to the state of one’s body/mind and ways interacting with others. Participants will have the opportunity to discover own construction of Meridians and Elements through guided movement experiential, and explore effective strategy approaching YinYang balance and productive transformation of 5 elements through practice of Meridian Healing Dance. To increase knowledge and understanding of how to apply Meridian Healing Dance approach for personal well-being and professional growth, including use in clinical assessments and interventions and self-care.


The Relationship Between Myofascial Release and Dance/Movement Therapy

Saturday, July 20, 2019 1-4 PM

Ridgeville Park District, 908 Seward Street Evanston, IL

Developed and facilitated by Heather Fraelick, LMT and Katie Bellamy, LCPC, BC-DMT, MPA about Myofascial Release.

Fascia embeds every tissue in our body, down to the tiniest cell. It’s considered the “tissue of consciousness” and can store old forms of physical, mental and/or emotional trauma until it’s released. Since the fascia is a system that conducts its way throughout the whole body, a restriction in one area can affect the tissues in another; creating unhealthy holding patterns and overall decreased mobility in the physical, energetic, and mental/emotional bodies. Fascia, in it’s healthy state, can lend itself to uninhibited, expansive, efficient and liquid-like movement. When the fascia and surrounding connective tissue are tight, posture and range of motion become compromised and physical, mental or emotional pain is a result. Without the use of oil, slow stretching techniques are used to lengthen and release these restrictions. The fascia can also release via certain forms of subconsciously lead movement.

During our time together, we’ll go into further detail about the fascial system and it’s unique relationship with Dance Movement Therapy. Participants can expect to walk away with a greater understanding of the fascial system, how myofascial release can enhance DMT sessions, and specific techniques that can be utilized in session with patients, as well as, practiced by the therapist as a form of self care.


Process and Physicality in DMT and the Feldenkrais Method®

Saturday, June 22, 2019 1-4 PM

Ridgeville park district, 908 seward street Evanston, IL

Created and Presented byChih-Hsien Lin, MA, BC-DMT, LCPC, EMDR, MPA and Ben Law, Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM
This workshop will provide definition of Feldenkrais Method® and introduce its educational model, how it is used therapeutically with different populations. Also how Feldenkrais Method® can be incorporated into DMT process and interventions to support clients’ learning and growth, to provide therapists with additional tools working in depth with body awareness, social and emotional inhibition, and various movement abilities.
Learning objectives
Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain why moving slowly, with repetition, and without distractions aids the learning process
  2. Improvise the creation of an auxiliary movement (as defined in the Feldenkrais Method)
  3. Explain and demonstrate how diverse movement experiences can liberate people from habitual patterns of behaviors
  4. Apply the intentional moving processes from Feldenkrais Method to support the therapeutic learning and change in a DMT session

This event is hosted by ILADTA and co-sponsored by Illinois Mental Health Counselors Academy (IMHCA)


From Surviving to Thriving:  A Somatic Approach to ‘Transforming~Integrating’ the Effects of Interpersonal Violence

Sunday, November 11th, 2018 10 am – 1 pm
1300 W Belmont, Chicago      Lower Level, Suite 25
The workshop will visit the survival journey of victims of interpersonal violence. Mindfulness of the present moment, and the ability to track non-verbal cues to maintain safety will be discussed. Participants will understand somatic approaches to restoring the wisdom of the body that was once lost due to violence, but found through movement and the safety of all things ‘color, texture, smell, image, memory, thought, feeling, words, setting, people’. Together, we will explore new movement pathways to restore empowering action and move the body towards the ‘new’, moments of victory and transformation.
Presenter: Nancy Toncy, LCPC, BC-DMT, ICDVP, GL-CMA


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